• One of the people who changed my life forever is Dr. Fernando Flores. A philosopher of language and author who is recognized as a leader in the world of business process design, computers, cognition, and education, his latest publication, Conversations for Action and Collected Essays, is an assortment of his classic writings. If you have heard anyone speak about “Conversations for...

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  • At long last, here is a volume of the Fernando Flores' original essays on his philosophy of communication, which has become so important in business. Bravo!

    Many of these essays circulated in an underground of Fernando's students and business clients, but they did not see the light of day or become available as a collection. Until now.  Finally all those who asked for such a collection...

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  • “The approach to business process is the best one I have found for designing organizations. It works by creating collaborative working relations where people invent the reality of the organization in structured conversations.”

  • "The writing and teaching in this book distills many years of profound education into one accessible and extraordinarily valuable collection. What you discover in this book will enable you to live in our world with greater peace and participate with greater power."