Mark Taylor, International Speaker & Chair of Vistage NYC

One of the people who changed my life forever is Dr. Fernando Flores. A philosopher of language and author who is recognized as a leader in the world of business process design, computers, cognition, and education, his latest publication, Conversations for Action and Collected Essays, is an assortment of his classic writings. If you have heard anyone speak about “Conversations for Possibilities” or the difference between assessments and assertions, you have probably been exposed to Dr. Flores work.

One of the premises of Dr. Flores work is that “People don’t merely use language to communicate their desires about the future; they create the future in language together by making commitments to each other.” As a business owner and CEO coach, this has enabled me to see communication problems with new eyes and to teach, coach, and design conversations that are more powerful and have greater clarity.

I highly recommend this book for change agents, coaches, consultants, and leaders that want to learn the conversation of leadership. The book is filled with new possibilities and actions that leaders can take to move their team to higher levels of performance and engagement.