Conversations For Action and Collected Essays is a compilation of the seminal works by Dr. Fernando Flores during his tenure as CEO and President of Logonet Inc., an educational and coaching organization, and Business Design Associates, the pioneer management consulting firm in implementing large scale innovation processes and programs.  The book is a response to the requests from many former students and clients over the years for the “papers” with Flores’ distinct framework for building teams, leaders, and organizations.

Maria Flores Letelier selected, edited, and compiled from various documents, some of which had been in the public domain and many which remained private (from speeches, talks, internal training documents, and papers that had been prepared for students and clients), starting with “Conversations For Action,  the conversation structure framework, aka “the loop” or “basic action workflow”, that has been cited in hundreds of websites and thousands of publications. She included different versions of this essay, bringing out a central theme in each. The book is organized in three parts: Basic Elements, Building Commitment, and The Other Side of Speaking.